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Allowed and Prohibited items

Last updated on Apr 03, 2024

What can I bring?

  • Sunglasses

  • Earplugs

  • General Backpacks that do not exceed 22 inches long and do not protrude similar to a delivery bag. Standard back packs and camp backpacks are fine as long as they do not exceed these limits.

  • State ID, Drivers License and or any valid Identification that matches your ticket purchase name for will-call.

  • Cosplay! Wear your best and creative cosplay, but be sure to follow our cosplay rules on this page

  • A positive, friendly and festive attitude!

  • Phone charger and or phone charging case

  • Digital cameras, basic and non commercial.

  • Non-glass refillable water bottles are welcomed.

  • Shoes that are comfortable to wear the entire day.

What not to bring! (Prohibited items)

  • Fireworks and or flammable objects.

  • Alcohol, Illegal substances, or drugs under ANY circumstances are NOT permitted. If you are under legal medication then you will be required to provide supporting legal documents. If alcohol, illegal drugs or substances are used or presented, then you will be immediately removed from the festival with no refund, will be permanently banned from ALL events and will be presented to authorities. In other words DO NOT even try.

  • NO legal or illegal weapons under any and all circumstances. If you are using a prop for your cosplay, then please follow our cosplay rules below.

  • Lawn, hard chairs or anything considered furniture.

  • Enlarged backpacks, travel or suitcases. Back packs or personal bags smaller than 22 inches long are only permitted. ALL bags will be thoroughly checked.

  • Personal electric vehicles such as scooters, skateboards, or motorized vehicles that are not under ADA requirements. In other words, if you do not have a medical condition requiring a wheelchair and or motorized wheelchair for ADA accessibility, then it is NOT allowed.

  • Animals or pets of any kind unless it is a service animal. Please see ADA Access for more information.

  • Outside food or beverages.

  • Instruments of any kind.

  • Laser pointing devices.

  • Any glass products or containers.

  • Smoking products including but not limited to E-cigs, Vape and or Tobacco.

  • Cameras that can harm other patrons or pose a threat such as Drones.

  • Fliers, Banners or promotional materials not authorized or approved by Anime Wonder. Solicitations WILL NOT be permitted, and is a one way ticket to removal from the event with no reimbursement.

  • No outside vending or illegal vending is allowed. If interested in vending, please reach out to us at the appropriate contact information in the Contacts & Info section.

  • Professional camera equipment such as tripods, zoom lenses or commercial rigging. If interested in shooting professionally and providing media coverage, then please visit our Media Coverage application Be mindful to keep your valuable possessions at home, in your car or hotel. Our staff will not be responsible for any and all lost possessions.